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"Neither Forget
Nor Forgive"

is the sacred scream that now unites the people of Latin America

Impunity. Perhaps no word defines the experiences of Latin America as well as this one. Lack of punishment, of investigation, of justice. The possiblity of committing crimes - from common robberies to rape, torture, murders - without having to face, much less suffer, any punishment. And therefore, the implicit aproval of the morality of these crimes. Forgiving and forgetting without remembering - or remembering too well, but not caring - that what is forgotten will be repeated. As thus what is done without any punishment, can be repeated without fear.

How many died? How many were taken from their homes, from their children, to later find death in a cot under a cattleprod, before a gun, from a flying plane? Dozens, hundreds, of thousands perhaps, if we multiply them by all the countries of Latin America. And the guilty, invariably, are free, enjoying life, often at their old posts where they can do it again. How many die today by their hands?

Impunity without doubt is one of the gravest problems affecting the continent, and one that needs to be urgently addressed. The articles and reports that we include here explore the problem, and perhaps, offer solutions - not perfect ones, of course, but a beginning. You can find more information under each country.

International Criminal Court

International Resolutions on Impunity

Reports on Impunity

Articles on Impunity

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