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    Statutes of the International Criminal Tribunals
    from Nuremberg (1945) to Sierra Leone (2002)
    Compiled by Equipo Nizkor.

    Recommended bibliography on HR

  • Bibliography on Int. Human Rights Law
  • Bibliography on Human Rights in Central America

    Equipo Nizkor is an international organization working for the respect and promotion of human rights in different topics and areas. Our work includes the socialization of human rights information, the investigation of human rights abuses, the development of international human rights law, the preservation of memory and the fight against impunity.

    Impunity is clearly incompatible with the exercise of human rights and freedoms. Impunity generates corruption and it subverts the moral and ethical foundations of civil society. This is why we seek to bring those responsible to account while working to obtain reparation for the victims of impunity.

    Our approach to tackling impunity is about putting as much information as possible in the hands of as many people as possible. We do this by collecting, analysing and disseminating the information that documents impunity, by providing legal counsel to other organizations and directing litigation.

    New Database on National Implementation of International Criminal Law for Serious Crimes

    Online donation

    East China Sea Conflict

    "Defining International Aggression - The Search for World Peace". By Benjamin Ferencz. Full text of Vol 1 and Vol 2 now available in HTML!

    Nuclear Threat

    Follow-up on Catalonia

    Infamous Ford Falcons Ongoing criminal Procedures on Gross Violations of Human Rights in Argentina

    Legislation and Judicial decisions (in Spanish).

    Seized Ford Falcons, the car of choice
    for the so-called 'task forces'

    Equipo Nizkor's legal report on the international standards and jurisprudence applicable to paramilitary groups and organized crime in Colombia.
    "Crimes against humanity and organized crime in Colombia". (in Spanish)

    The question of impunity in Spain and crimes under Franco
    . (Key documents are available in English)

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    Argentina - Bolivia - Brazil - Colombia - Costa Rica - Cuba - Chile - Dominican Republic - Ecuador - El Salvador - Guatemala - Honduras - Mexico - Nicaragua - Paraguay - Panama - Peru - Uruguay - Venezuela
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  • Congressional Research Service: Regulatory Reform 10 Years After the Financial Crisis: Systemic Risk Regulation of Non-Bank Financial Institutions
  • Congressional Research Service: Yemen: Civil War and Regional Intervention
  • Congressional Research Service: U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF): Background and Issues for Congress
  • 2017 Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on the situation of human rights in Colombia
  • Beyond the Caliphate: Islamic State activity outside the group's defined Wilayat - Belgium
  • Intermarium: The Anti-Communist Catholic Strategy in Twentieth-Century México
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  • UN Security Council: Resolution 2401 (2018) demanding a cessation of hostilities in Syria
  • Trump's Nuclear Posture Review: Back to Armageddon
  • Great powers try to prevent the activation of the jurisdiction of the ICC over the crime of aggression
  • Unfair sentences in Gdeim Izik political prisoners' trial
  • Open Letter to President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin
  • Syria Will 'Pay a Heavy Price' for Another Chemical Attack, White House Says
  • Encrypting ransomware Petya attacks computers worldwide
  • War in Mindanao against the Islamic State in Lanao
  • Colombia 'panic buttons' expose activists
  • UN Security Council: Resolution 2341 (2017) on the protection of critical infrastructure from terrorist attacks
  • In Depth Documents
  • "Defining International Aggression - The Search for World Peace". By Benjamin Ferencz, former Nuremberg prosecutor.
  • Illegal Armed Force as a Crime Against Humanity. By Benjamin Ferencz, former Nuremberg prosecutor.
  • Amicus Curiae of the Allard K. Lowenstein Int. Human Rights Clinic of the University of Yale Law Faculty supporting the determination of crimes against humanity in the Scilingo Case.
  • Equipo Nizkor's report on "The question of impunity in Spain and crimes under Franco".
  • Draft Code of Crimes against the Peace and Security of Mankind with commentaries
  • Audio Materials
    Fichero AudioBolivia: YPFB uses a faked consultation against the APG IG, falsifying indigenous jurisdiction, that has been promoted by the Ministry of Hydrocarbons.
    Fichero Audio Baltasar Garzón is vetoed at the Human Rights Film Festival in Barcelona for his cover-up of torture while at National Court.
    Fichero Audio Aggression and illegal armed force from post WWI until today.
    Fichero Audio International aggression and the war in Syria.
    Fichero Audio Report summarizes the available information on how the NSA operates
    Fichero Audio Building America's Secret Surveillance State.
    Fichero Audio The DAS resorts to counter-intelligence as a method of persecution to achieve social and political control in Colombia
    Fichero AudioInternational Human Rights Law Internet Radio. A joint project of Radio Nizkor and the Schell Center for International Human Rights at Yale Law School.

    Equipo Nizkor is affiliated with Derechos Human Rights, the Global Institute for the Prevention of Aggression, the European Civil Liberties Network (ECLN) and the Global Internet Liberty Campaign (GILC).