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Churkin: UN resolution on North Korea should avoid mention of possible military operations

The United Nations Security Council's future resolution on North Korea should have not a single hint at possible military operations, Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin said on Sunday after an extraordinary meeting of the Security Council.

He agreed that "another sanction resolution on North Korea" is needed but stressed it should not "entail a humanitarian or economic collapse" in that country.

"We believe that the resolution would be worth of the Security Council. It should be weighty but its adoption should not entail a humanitarian collapse in North Korea, it would not entail an economic collapse in North Korea. Of course, it should have not a single hint at any military operations to solve this problem," the Russian diplomat said.

North Korea turns deaf ear on Russia and China

He said in the course of the meeting the Russian side called to be "very delicate in approaches to unilateral actions." He said that around the North Korean problem there are "far-reaching geostrategic plans of building up military presence of certain states in Northeast Asia."

Churkin expressed regret that Pyongyang has turned a deaf ear on the advice from its Russian and Chinese partners and ventured to take "such reckless actions that are harming North Korea's national interests and are not beneficial for the region and the world."

"So, regrettably, we will have to pass another sanction resolution on North Korea," he added.

'Very serious sanctions'

When asked by TASS how the already tough sanction regime against North Korea could be further tightened, Churkin said there still was some potential for that. "But some thinkers may invent very serious sanctions, which, I would repeat, may have very serious humanitarian and economic consequences for North Korea, leading to a complete international isolation of North Korea. We think it too much," he stressed.

He said that during the Security Council meeting the U.S. side said it would seek a tougher resolution than the one it suggested after North Korea's nuclear test on January 6. Some Security Council members, in his words, were disappointed that no text of the document had been presented. "But, of course, we all understand that it is a very delicate matter, that consultations between the key players are underway and a very responsible political decision is to be taken," the Russian diplomat said. "Balance will finally be reached. But is will require a lot of work" from the Security Council members.

[Source: Itar Tass, United Nations, 07Feb16]

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